Santa Cruz: Blake Johnson "Welcome to the Team"

Venice Beach beast, Blake Johnson is a smooth operator and master of all terrains. Santa Cruz Skateboards proudly introduces him to the team with 3 minutes of raw shredding. Congrats to Blake and Santa Cruz!


Back To Dirt episode 4 Friends

Watch the fourth section of the "Back to Dirt" Greek video. Check here for the previous episodes.

Spanish Skate Adventures with Madars Apse

Madars Apse, Josef Scott and Manu Margreiter decided to tack along the Mediterranean coastline, south of Barcelona, in a search for unorthodox skate spots. The improvised road trip brought them to perfect ledges, unusual street features, and flow-filled skateparks...all the makings of an epic skate adventure.Check out the best photos from their adventure: http://win.gs/1rnZVAz

Kyle Leeper Does The World's Longest Nosebluntslide

Congrats to Kyle Leeper for breaking the world nosebluntslide distance record!

DIY Skate Structures – Converse CONS Project

Build, design, create and skate DIY structures with Doug Moore, Brent Kronmueller, Dillon Buss and Kenny Anderson.Directed by Jon Holla


Jart Skateboards - The AM Project Carlos Neira

Check Carlos Neira´s part in the AM project video.

Back to Dirt episode 3 "Alex Sitaras - Kostas Tzemis"

Enjoy the third part of the "Back to Dirt" Greek video featuring Alex Sitaras and Kostas Tzemis. Watch the previous part with Alex Ropis here.


TOMMY FYNN Gold Record Debut

Watch the latest part from Tommy Fynn called "Gold Record Debut" presented by DC, STEREO Skateboards and Theberrics.com


Best Of The Best- C1RCA House ep 19

Here's a flashback to older episodes from C1RCA House season 2.

Heelflips and Handrails in the Far East - Skateboarding with Derek Swaim

For five years, Derek Swaim has been traveling to China to skate, and the trips treat him well. He calls the place a “skate dreamland” and makes a pretty strong argument to back that assertion up; he likes the food there and Chinese girls seem to like him as well. Watch Derek shred through China in this newest edit, further proving why the so-called "skate dreamland" keeps him coming back for more. Check out Derek's full story: http://win.gs/ZIdqEF