Street skating in São Paulo - Jart in Deepest Brazil - Ep 1 and 2

Jart Skateboards team riders Ivan Rivado, Sergio Muñoz, Adrien Bulard, Fran Molina and Jorge Simoes went to Brazil with one mission in mind: explore the depths of Brazil and skate...a lot. They did just that, and their impromptu Brazilian skate trip turned into an epic adventure. Check out some of the best clips from their São Paulo leg of the trip!


Sheckler Sessions - S'Klallam Tribe Skatepark - Season 3 - Ep 9

Ryan and David Reyes travel to Washington State to unveil a skatepark for the Port Gamble S’klallam tribe. The youth of the S'Klallam Tribe submitted their cause to the Sheckler Foundation’s “Be The Change” initiative. They received the most votes for their plans to build a much-needed skatepark in their community.

Spot On - Denny Pham | Nike SB Shelter

What is the average amount of flip tricks in a regular video part – 40% or 50%? Denny Pham is breaking this habit, accurate and stylish as usual, by flipping in or out at 23 of 26 tricks for this part. It’s “Spot On” time for Berlin’s most famous tech wizard.

Behind The French Fred Scenes: Eric Koston pt 1

Koston has been so good for so long it's hard to fathom. This raw footage from the Menikmati days is pure gold.



From Sd to LA we stay skating the streets!! Take a sneak peek at some sessions we are having while filming for the new SK8MAFIA video! Featuring: Nick Lamm, Kellen James, Marshall Heath, Peter Smolik, Jamie Palmore, Dan Connelly, Danny Nguyen, Marcus Allen, Brandon Le Fever, Alexis Ramirez, Dorian Gray, Larelle Gray, Wes Kremer & Tyler Surrey.


Quartersnacks - End of Summer / Labor Day Weekend 2014

A short Euro trip, featuring Alexander Mosley, Connor Champion, Kadeem Walters, Ty Lyons, Tyler Tufty, Josh Velez, Michael Gigliotti, Matthew Perez, Jon Diaz, Haffa, Jack Sabback, Antonio Durao and more in Paris and Copenhagen this summer. http://quartersnacks.com/2014/08/end-of-the-summer-labor-day-weekend-2014-clip/


Shredding through Bulgaria on skateboards

Follow all the Bulgarian adventures HERE: http://win.gs/1CalsFy
Riders from the Sweet Skateboards team shredded through the country, lived it up Bulgaria style, and hit some iconic skate spots around town. Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the hooliganism and fine skateboarding from their trip.

OJ Wheels "Shuriken Mask" with Shuriken Shannon

Shuriken Shannon gets nasty in the streets, reppin' his brand new OJ "Shuriken Mask" Wheel. That boy good!


Wes Kremer's "Crusty By Nature" Part

Wes Kremer's "Crusty By Nature" part prsented by DC and Thrasher magazine.

Tincan Parklore with Ben Fisher, Field Agent montage in Stereophonic Sound: Volume 20

For Volume 20 we skate Ben Fisher's local park in LBC El Dorado. Ben destroys it! Then we join our Field Agents Georgie Tsushima, Waldo Diaz, and Kevin Love out in the streets. Since the footage in this video, Georgie has suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and is currently hospitalized in San Diego. He's touched alot of people and is an amazing human. We love you Georgie and are praying for a full recovery. Georgie could use YOUR HELP with his mounting medical costs. If you would like to contribute or just help spread the word, please visit: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/good-vibes-for-g-/221139