Back to Dirt episode 6 "Thanos Panou + Outro"

This is the sixth and final part of the Greek full length skate movie entitled "Back to Dirt". Starring Thanos Panou. Filmed: Yannis Boukras. Edited by Thanos Panou.


Zero's "NO CA$H VALUE" Vol. 1

Jello Biafra, dudes getting broke off, a team montage, and a part from Garrett Hill. Zero or Die.

Flo Marfaing's on BlazeSupply.

Filmed in one day by Jordan Standley for blazesupply.eu

ULC Skateboards Alexandre Hallé 2014

ULC Skateboards Alexandre Hallé video part for 2014 Filmed by Philippe Charlebois and edited Marc-André Sauvageau  http://ulcskateboards.com/

Gold Goons is coming

Gold Goons is coming! Here's Chris Troy's, Marquise Henry's, and Carlos Iqui's short trailers and remember! "The Goons could not be contained any longer! They've broken out of the asylum and invaded the streets! Hide your kids and hide your wife, cause there's no telling what these cats are capable of. The world will soon find out when Gold Goons, the new full length video from Gold Wheels drops..." Click Read more below for Marquise Henry's, and Carlos Iqui's trailers.

DC SHOES: Matt Miller Shoe - Full Part

Matt Miller is the definition of a true skate rat, and his debut pro model shoe is more than well deserved. Sit back and enjoy the technical wizardry and massive pop in this video part introducing his signature shoe.
More on the Matt Miller Shoe at http://dcshoes.com/mattmiller

Pure Street Skating in New York City - Red Bull Coastal Business

Vladik Scholz heads to one of skateboarding's major playgrounds, New York City, to remind us what pure street skateboarding looks like. Backside overcrooks on a totaled car, and ninja-like technical skills on sketchy ledges that most skaters wouldn't even notice, make for an epic street skating session through one of the most bustling cities in the world. Have a watch, you won't be disappointed.


Back to Dirt episode 5 "Stefanos Oikonomakis"

Stefanos Oikonomakis in Back to Dirt Greek video, check episode 4 here: http://www.skateboardpulse.com/2014/10/back-to-dirt-episode-4-friends.html 

Auby's World Part

Enjoy Auby's Taylor part presented by Thrasher magazine.


Harold Hunter Day VIII Recap

Here's Manny Santiago, Chaz Ortiz, Luis Tolentino and many others local rippers in NYC celebrating Harold Hunter's Day.