adidas Skateboarding Away Days - 24HR Full Length Premiere

Filmed over the course of three years and spanning shoots in more than 100 cities around the globe, Away Days is the first full length skateboarding film from adidas. Anchored by unique team chemistry and creativity inspired by life on the road, Away Days showcases the raw talent, style, and personalities of its global and international teams including legacy pros Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal and Lucas Puig and rising stars Alec Majerus, Miles Silvas, Na-kel Smith and Tyshawn Jones.


Catching Up With Lucas Puig

Legendary French ripper, Helas main man, Cliché pro and Toulouse native Lucas Puig fought through the pain barrier to complete the adidas Away Days Premiere Tour tour and graciously sat down with us for a catch up chat; discussing everything adidas, the video and more.


SUPRA Chino Tour U.S and Europe

The tour went from California to Arizona and continued overseas to France and Spain where we hit some demos, signings, and skate spots. Check out the edit featuring Boo, Oscar, Dee, Dane Vaughn, Lucien Clarke, Clint Walker and Javier Sarmiento.

7PLY project 2015 VIDEO

The 7PLY project Festival started in 2006 and in 2015 celebrated TEN YEARS WITH BOARDS AND NO BORDERS. Taking place in the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki as well as WESKG, with more than 120 participating artists the festival has lived to become a platform for innovation, with youth and skateboarding and contemporary art at the forefront!


Enjoy the new full-length video by BULEVARD Skateboards "Quinto", featuring Tiago Lemos, Carlos Iqui, Daniel Lebron, Danny Cerezini, and Rodrigo Petersen. Presented by the Berrics.com


Sebastian Wang-Holm

Here's Sebastian Wang-Holm part presented by WDBM.


Steven Burke: Welcome to Momentum

Momentum Wheels welcomes Steven Burke to the family! Check the welcome video. Filmed/Edited: David Stevens.

Chris Pfanner's Where We Come From Part

Where We Come From is an independent skateboard film by Lucas Fiederling. Here's Chris Pfanner's part with an epic bloody finale in Athens. Enjoy! Full video here: http://wherewecomefrom.eu/shop/index.php?route=common/home


The Official Unofficial Barcelona Edit

Krooked Skateboarding presents The Official Unofficial Barcelona Edit. Directed by Matt Gottwig. Featuring Brad Cromer, Sebo Walker, Mike Anderson, Bobby Worrest & Jesus Fernandez.


Moca Tour San Sebastian

Just a bunch of good friends having a nice trip to San Sebastian to get some footy for the upcoming "MOCA" the first Mosaic & Caramelo video.
Starring: Mateo Rotaeche, Jesus de Pedro, Tristan Grijalbo, Javier Martienz Raoni, Tyler Surrey, Erik J. Petterson, Javier Sarmiento and Alain Goikoetxea. Filmed and edited: Mario Fortea. Moca video coming this 1/07/2016