SKATE Bordeaux with Leo Valls

This week, Leo Valls and crew give you a personal skate tour of Bordeaux, France.

Magnified: David Gonzalez

Skating is so gnarly these days that you have to be careful about making bold claims. Even so, we're comfortable saying this: here is one of the straight-up sickest skate clips of all time. As seen in Thrasher's November 2014 issue.



TheBerrics.com presents Run & Gun contest here's the rules: 10 skaters invited. Each with their own 24 hours in the new Berrics. Filming their best 60 second run. Unaware of what the others have done. $25,000 on the line. You are the judge. Check Silas Baxter Neal's and Chris Cole's best lines.


Today ZOO YORK officially welcomes Gavin Nolan to the family with this ultra smooth, high tech clip featuring an original track by DJ Premier. Born and raised in Boston, now living in Brooklyn, Gavin furthers ZOO YORK's long legacy of East Coast rippers. DJ Premier, inspired by meeting Gavin and watching his footage, produced the video's soundtrack, showcasing his legendary New York sound.


Jart Skateboards - The AM Project Sergio Muñoz

Check Sergio Muñoz part in the AM project video.



FRIENDS video filmed around Greece by Vasilis Barahanosn, starring: George Keremoglou,Tasos Papadopulos, Stelios Chloros and Thodoris Markou.


Lore Salugas Frequenter Part

Lore's "Saluga's Frequenter" video part is a combination of unused footage filmed around Greece, Hungary and Italy. Guests: Thomas Kolousis, Steleas and Tsu.

"Beautiful Moment" Full Video

"Beautiful Moment" full-length video by Dayman Torelli.

WE XV (15 year anniversary)

Western Edition presents "WE XV (15 year anniversary)" montage and features full parts from Nate Keegan and Antony Lopez, also starring Jabari Pendleton, Dwayne Galloway, Desmond Billie, Yuma Hara, Nikhil Thayer, Ed Kennedy, Ryuhei Kitazume ,Jorge Ramirez, Raul Navarro and Yoshiaki Toeda.

Modern Skateism

"For most of the Jews in Israel, Yom Kipor is a day when you ask god for forgiveness. There are many "Don't" customs regarding this day like: don't eat, don't turn on electricity... don't drive :). For a whole 24 hours you will not see almost a single car in many parts of the country. This very unique day makes Israel a huge playground for any kind of Transport without an engine. Just try to imagine a big metropoline with no buses. cars, trains or trucks. huge endless freeways, empty from vehicles, waiting to be skate on. I tried to capture some of that moments with a good friend and skater - Tamuz Rachman, hope you like the result." -Amit Schwachter
director, photography and edit by: Amit Schwachter