etnies X Grizzly

The etnies X Grizzly Collection encompasses all of the essentials necessary to survive A Day in the Life of Chris Joslin. The raw, unharnessed energy that Joslin brings to skateboarding is unparalleled. The Wolverine requires specialized gear that is Tough as Fuck. The etnies X Grizzly collection is durable enough to withstand the brutality of his maniacal skateboarding and comfortable enough to rest his feet between sessions.


Bobby De Keyzer Welcome to Converse Cons

Converse Cons would like to officially welcome Bobby De Keyzer to the team! Filmed over the course of four weeks between Barcelona, Spain and Bobby's home town of Toronto, Canada.


Jamie Foy's style is muscular yet graceful, handling challenging rails with ease. His explosive new part has Next New Wave written all over it.



In april the DC ITALY skateboarding team spent one week in south Spain visiting the city of Malaga and Cordoba.
Filming: Luca Fortini, Daniele Galli. Editing and Direction: Luca Fortini. Starring: Daniele Galli, Fabio Colombo, Alessandro Cesario, Jacopo Cervelli, Andrea Casasanta, Ale Martinez.


BATB 9 Championship Battle

Enjoy the final game from the Battle At The Berrics 9 between Micky Papa and Diego Najera.
(turn off ADblock before you press the play button)


DGK - Dane Vaughn La Graw Full Part

A bangin' part loaded with amazing skating and a laid-back vibe from the streets of LA.


Go Skateboarding Day in Thessaloniki!

June 21, 2016 is the 13th annual celebration of Go Skateboarding Day! Be ready for many events around the town!

Schedule 21/6/2016:

17:00 éS Skateboarding presents the Original Game Of SKATE at Ksarhakos Park
20:00 Street Cruising from Ksarhakos Park to Stamp Festival at Vilara 1 (Valaoritou area)
20:30 Longboard Workshop by Longboard Girls Greece
21:30 Hippy Jump Contest
22.30 Ollie Contest by Redbull
23:00 Barrel Pizza Jump by 1055 Rock Radio

Be there! Prize Money for the winners and Give Aways!


Purple Wax presents "Church of Purp" montaage. Filmed and edited by Calvin Millar.

Jake Darwen - Full Part

You’ve likely seen the amazing photography of Element Advocate Jake Darwen, now witness his epic moves in front of the lens! On his continuous world tour over the last couple years, he’s somehow found time to film this full part while also producing some of the best imagery to grace the pages of the finest skate mags. Features cameos from Evan Smith, Tommy Fynn, Shane O’Neill , Julian Davidson & more.
This part is filmed and edited by James James with additional filming by Tully West, Dylan Bruns, Leigh Bolton, Ant Travis, Geoff Campbell, Neihana Tonkin, Tyler McCluskey and Colin Evans. Presented by Element.


Surveillance #01 - Peter Ramondetta

Featuring Peter Ramondetta, Dennis Busenitz, Ishod Wair, Ernie Torres, Zion Wright.