Venue Skateboards Presents Gilbert Crockett in "Darlin' Please"

Gilbert Crockett in "Darlin' Please"

Jart Skateboards - The AM project Jorge Simões

Check Jorge Simões part in the AM project video. Download The AM project video by Jart Skateboard here.


Wair to Spare re-edit Contest| the Winner!

Here's the winner from Wair to Spare re-edit Contest by Crailtap.com. Check also some funny entries below. (Click the image below and watch the winning video on videobam.com)


Want to skate at Helsinki Airport with Arto Saari?

Join The Arto Saari Invitational session and get access to totally unique skate spots on the top of the world, at Helsinki Airport. Visit http://matchmadeinHEL.com and enter the session to match the best of East and West. For more about The Arto Saari Invitational, check out http://matchmadeinHEL.com


King of the Road 2014: Meet The Mystery Guests

This year's mystery guests were all featured in the Osiris video, "The Storm". Which one is gonna give their team an edge over the others?


This past summer, SUPRA took a month-long trip throughout the United Kingdom to post up with the locals, skate street, and do some demos while also taking in the sights and culture. Dubbed their UK Residency, we traveled up and down the UK with stops in Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, and London with many pitstops along the way. While taking up residency, the SUPRA team was scheduled to stop in London for 9 days. With a demo scheduled at Hackney Wick’s famous Frontside Gardens DIY initiative, we had the opportunity to give a little something back to London’s local skateboarding community thanks to the founder of Frontside Gardens, Andy Willis, and our very own Chad Muska.


Converse CONS - Johannesburg Dream ft Remy Taveira, David Stenstrom and Felipe Bartolome

Converse Cons presents Johannesburg Dream, featuring Cons Ambassadors, Remy Taveira, David Stenstrom and introducing Felipe Bartolome.


Yama-Ashes-Frido's Pomade Tour

Yama Skateboards, Ashes Griptape and Frido's Pomade joined forces and went on tour to see if beer tastes equally good in all different parts of Austria. Featuring Chris Pfanner, Frido Fiebinger, Antonio Aiello, Steve Forstner, Muki Rustig, Jo Marent, Sebi Dorfer and more...

Vans Shop Riot 2014 - Switzerland

Check out what went down last weekend at the Vans Shop Riot in Zurich, Switzerland. Same story as 2013, the team from Da Shit Shop made 1st place again and walked away with Chf 1’000.- prize money and the ticket to the European final in Belgium on October 11th/12th. More info at http://www.vansshopriot.com
Vans Shop Riot stops at skatepark Maroussi Skate Park in Greece on the 13th of September 2014, more info here: http://www.vansshopriot.com/events/vans-shop-riot-2014-greece-13-september

Moose Live And Die in LA - Shake Junt

Moose ripping around downtown just tryin to live and die in la!! Sit back and follow Moose in LA' streets.