DC SHOES: Matt Miller Shoe - Full Part

Matt Miller is the definition of a true skate rat, and his debut pro model shoe is more than well deserved. Sit back and enjoy the technical wizardry and massive pop in this video part introducing his signature shoe.
More on the Matt Miller Shoe at http://dcshoes.com/mattmiller

Pure Street Skating in New York City - Red Bull Coastal Business

Vladik Scholz heads to one of skateboarding's major playgrounds, New York City, to remind us what pure street skateboarding looks like. Backside overcrooks on a totaled car, and ninja-like technical skills on sketchy ledges that most skaters wouldn't even notice, make for an epic street skating session through one of the most bustling cities in the world. Have a watch, you won't be disappointed.


Back to Dirt episode 5 "Stefanos Oikonomakis"

Stefanos Oikonomakis in Back to Dirt Greek video, check episode 4 here: http://www.skateboardpulse.com/2014/10/back-to-dirt-episode-4-friends.html 

Auby's World Part

Enjoy Auby's Taylor part presented by Thrasher magazine.


Harold Hunter Day VIII Recap

Here's Manny Santiago, Chaz Ortiz, Luis Tolentino and many others local rippers in NYC celebrating Harold Hunter's Day.

SUPRA TWO FOR TUESDAY: Javier Sarmiento in Budapest, Hungary

Javier has honed in some serious skills over the years. Here is a few tricks from Budapest that confirms the previous sentence.

Santa Cruz: Blake Johnson "Welcome to the Team"

Venice Beach beast, Blake Johnson is a smooth operator and master of all terrains. Santa Cruz Skateboards proudly introduces him to the team with 3 minutes of raw shredding. Congrats to Blake and Santa Cruz!


Back To Dirt episode 4 Friends

Watch the fourth section of the "Back to Dirt" Greek video. Check here for the previous episodes.

Spanish Skate Adventures with Madars Apse

Madars Apse, Josef Scott and Manu Margreiter decided to tack along the Mediterranean coastline, south of Barcelona, in a search for unorthodox skate spots. The improvised road trip brought them to perfect ledges, unusual street features, and flow-filled skateparks...all the makings of an epic skate adventure.Check out the best photos from their adventure: http://win.gs/1rnZVAz

Kyle Leeper Does The World's Longest Nosebluntslide

Congrats to Kyle Leeper for breaking the world nosebluntslide distance record!